User Help

Welcome to the User Help section. In this section you will find help and suggestions that will aide you in finding what you are looking for on our online store of 1300+ items to choose from, as well as pointers on how to use our store.

First and foremost your launch pad to every item available to you on our store is the navigation bar located always at the right of our site. If you take a brief look you will notice that the nav bar is divided into sections kind of like our price lists and each section has a title to different departments of our store.

Section titles
The title of each navigation section breaks up the broadness of each our products and begins cornering our items until you find what you are looking for. Theoretically our website is setup almost like a series of folders as you enter into a section “or folder” there will be divisions of products “or folders” that narrow down your search for a product even further. Keep using the process of elimination until you find the product you are looking for.

Finding a Product
Before you decide to seek an item out figure what type of item it is before proceeding whether it be lumber, an instrument part, or a book etc.

An example would be if you are seeking something like truss rods, fret wire, tuners, or neck plates these can all be found in the


If you are seeking a Violin Peg, chin rest, or tops you can find it in

One final example would be if you are seeking some sort of lumber, square, or dowel these can be found in
being that they have no direct association with instruments they would be found outside of any instrument section.

Search bar
The search bar is an undeniably viable tool for “You guessed it!” searching our database of products. It is located near the top of our website upon a search query it will search our full database of products and bring you a match list of your specified search query that you can sift through.

Search tips
If you are still having trouble pin pointing a certain product it sometimes help to start with a general search query and if you get too many hits then add keywords to narrow down the search. For example if I am seeking a Bloodwood Dowel which is 3/8″ in diameter and 12″ long I would start with just a general search by putting “Bloodwood” and if I get too many hits I would try “Bloodwood Dowel”, again if I get too many hits try putting “Bloodwood Dowel 3/8”. This process of elimination will allow you to find the most possible hits to your item of choice without possibly being too detailed that you may even eliminate the item you are seeking. The search query will give you a list of products that match your description and once you reach a managable level of hits you can sift through the list of hits and pick your product out.

Using the shopping cart
The shopping cart system allows you to pick a product and add it to your cart by clicking “Add to cart”. Once you have added a product to your shopping cart it will link you to your cart page and show you what you currently have in your cart. The products you add will remain there and allow you to continue shopping while adding other products to your cart. Once you are finished browsing and are ready to check out you can review the items that you have in your cart by clicking “My Order” located near the top of our page. While you are reviewing your order you may add or remove quantities of items or totally remove an item from your shopping cart. This will also allow you to preview your total cost, during this time keep in mind your shipping cost is not included in your total.

Checking out your order
Once you are finished reviewing your order, there will be a 3 step process to checking out.
Step 1:
In this first step You will be taken to an overview of your order. Here you will see all of the products that you are checking out, the price of each product, and the total of your order, keep in mind that your shipping charges are not included in your total. Below your order information you will see a chart which will give you, your shipping costs according to your order’s pricing. You will also be able to make last minute quantity changes to your order. Moving further down you will see a fill in form of information that is required in order to have your order processed. Once you have filled out our order form you may click the “Submit” button at the bottom to proceed.
Step 2:
In this step like in step 1 you will get an overview of your order and below that you will have a multiple choice field of payment methods. Choose your payment method and click “Continue” to proceed.
Step 3:
In this step there will be some final information requested from you according to your payment method and an overview of the information that you have entered in Step1. Fill in your required information and review your information to assure that it is correct. From here on you have completed entering information! Upon clicking “submit order” you will be taken to a submission page where the website will cordially file your order and submit it to us, briefly after you will be redirected to an online invoice page. It is recommended that you print this page out by simply clicking “Printer Friendly” located at the top right of the page which will direct you to a printer friendly page where you may print your online invoice out. Keep in mind this is only a rough invoice and your final invoice will be sent to you in the mail. From here on out you are free to continue browsing our online store, place any more orders for any items you may have forgotten, or totally close out your session with for the day!